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Another of Betty’s favourite topics over the years has been parenting on a budget. Back before my first child I hated the idea of driving the suburbs in an urban Landrover, bankrupted by the paraphenalia I’d bought for the kids. Here’s something Betty penned right back at the turn of the 21st century:

What are the golden rules of buying on a budget?

  • Prepare a wish list of nice but non-essential items to give to friends and relatives when they ask you what you would like.
  • Ask experienced parents what they found really useful and read our buying guides to help you decide on a purchase.
  • Assume that all gadgets and gismos are cons until proved otherwise.
  • Buy in bulk whenever you see BOGOF (buy one get one free)  or three-for-two offers.
  • Plan ahead so you can take advantage of sales.
  • Question every purchase. Is it really essential?
  • Only buy new if there’s a safety issue involved.
  • Exchange unwanted gifts. Most shops oblige.
  • Tell the world that you want hand-me-downs.
  • Use your local library and toy library.
  • Borrow items wherever possible.
  • Buy second-hand.
  • The full article that I wrote back in the Year 2000 is still live on the website (a wonderful resource for mums-to-be and those with pre-schoolers.  Check it out here.
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