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Public holiday surcharges


I make a point of never going to a cafe or restaurant that charges public holiday surcharges. As I said on MSN not long back:

My local cafes do a roaring trade on public holidays and I’m sure that extra turnover must make up for the additional staff charges. Surcharges are a rort in my opinion — and several of you agree, it would seem.

Usually I will walk up to the counter, check, and if there is a surcharge explain politely that I’m going elsewhere.
Yesterday (Queen’s Birthday) I made the mistake of popping into the Stone Oven for a takeaway coffee (a waste of money of course, but that’s another blog), and to my horror realised I was being surcharged. It was just 10 minutes before the Devonport Cubs Monster Hike began and I had no choice but to pay. Fortunately the member of staff gave me two clicks on my coffee card, which more or less wiped out the extra I’d paid for the coffee and made me feel a bit better.

This morning I had a real brainwave. I should keep my free coffees from my coffee cards and only use them on public holidays. That’s another way of getting around this surcharge.

Cafe owners hate my attitude I know. I’m the customer, however, and I choose to walk with my feet, which I do.

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“Public holiday surcharges”

  1. On July 11th, 2010 at 2:51 pm chris Says:

    These holiday surcharges are a rort. Why are they a rort? Because of all the retailers that open on a Public holiday, the only ones to impose a surcharge are cafe-type establishments.

    All the big chain stores and takeaway establishments are open on Public holidays too, but you never see them adding a margin for being open, in fact the department stores take out full page adverts announcing they are LOWERING their prices on Public holidays, to encourage you to come in.

  2. On April 25th, 2012 at 2:05 pm Francois Says:

    I generally agree with your ptoins, but for most of the Rip-offs you pointed out, there aren’t any alternative solutions. Pop corn, for instance, just because it is expensive in the movie theater, you don’t want to bring it from your house. Also, with text messaging, given that lots of people are using smart phones, people can send sms via 3G for free. Lastly with the bottled waters, don’t you think it will be more of rip-off if you happen to get disease by drinking a tap-water?

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