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BPA-free plastic bottles


Thanks to my journalist friend Tracey Barnett who did a big investigation into the evils of BPA in plastic,  I’ve been out this morning and spent $45 on three BPA drink bottles. One each.
If anyone has been similarly affected by Tracey’s writings  Kathmandu has a sale this week (posted Aug 26, 2010) on BPA-free drink bottles. Two of its normally overpriced BPA-free bottles are now $29.98, which is an acceptable price. I convinced the store to let me have the third bottle for half price as well.

The awful thing is that I feel that I should upgrade all of my old plastic and my Bargain Betty alter ego is in shock.  Why can’t ASB or BNZ or Vodafone or someone start distributing branded BPA-free bottles to customers? I’d advertise the organisation by carrying around the bottles if they sent some freebies my way. Most of my kids water bottles up until now have been branded corporate freebies. Now thanks to Tracey I’m having to spend real money on plastic bottles.

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“BPA-free plastic bottles”

  1. On August 27th, 2010 at 7:34 am Wilm Says:

    Bother, I can’t access her website properly. My computer keeps saying that “internet explorer can not open the internet site”. Shame!


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