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DVD rental shops seem to be living much longer than the digerati predicted.  You’d think they’d be dead by now thanks to Sky movies, iPods and illegal downloads.

My friend Pip pointed out in another posting that she loves to sit down with a glass of wine and a DVD on the weekends.  I emailed back to check that she does get them out on $1 night.

Tuesday night is “video” night in our house.  We go down to Civic Video to get a $1 DVD out each. We’ve been doing this ever since I cancelled the Sky subscription and bought a Freeview box.  It’s really nice to have a good movie to watch on the weekends.  To get even better value out of my $1 DVDs, I often pass good ones over the road to my neighbour, who watches them before returning them.

Even if you can’t get to Civic Video on Tuesdays (or whatever day the half price day is in your area), there are some pretty useful discount vouchers on  The five weeklies for $5 is a good deal – albeit slightly more than the $3 a week we usually spend on DVDs.

I do love the idea of belonging to a postal DVD hire service such as  But I can’t justify the cost.

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  1. On July 27th, 2010 at 5:22 pm chris Says:

    Since you have Freeview, you also have another source of free high quality (predominantly foreign language) movies and documentaries – SBS1 and SBS2.

    This Australian Government-owned network is television for grown-ups who crave mature programming. Their 6:30pm news (8:30pm NZ time) is “proper” international news without the hype, and you will see international documentaries on SBS1 and 2 that will never be screened in New Zealand.

    For example tonight on SBS1 begins an 8-part Bafta-winning BBC documentary: “One Born Every Minute: Every minute of every day, a baby is born in Britain. This series celebrates what it is really feels like to become a parent, by taking a bustling maternity hospital and filling it with forty cameras. Filming from the reception desk to the neo-natal ward; from the operating theatre to the birthing pool, this ground-breaking new series observes the dramatic, emotional and often funny moments that go hand in hand with bringing a new life into the world, from the perspective of the soon-to-be parents and family, as well as the hospital”.

    If you already have Freeview, simply do a “Blind scan” on your Set Top Box to find these two SBS channels which broadcast from the same satellite as Freeview. You can see the SBS programming guide here:

  2. On July 30th, 2010 at 12:04 pm Pip Says:

    We use the local library for dvd’s. I really believe in supporting libraries, and they have such an eclectic selection, and usually pretty affordable.
    We’re also into buying box sets off Trademe and reselling, due to currently having neither Sky nor Freeview – you’ve got to admit, tv is pretty limited without either of those things!
    I will def suss out the $1 night at the local DVD hire place, always happy to save a quid.x

  3. On August 13th, 2010 at 8:42 am Carol Says:

    Videoezy seem to have had a price chop – you can hire one dollar movies anyday – no special day – and new releases are only $4 now overnight. Certainly cheaper than a night out at the movies for a family of four and much more warmer in cozy lounge with fire going in winter. What we spend at movies, we have our own icecream treats and wine to drink for adults and still save $$$$.

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