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Standing on the side of the midgets soccer pitch last week I commented to another mother that her boy had new soccer boots. (Something to pass the time). Oh yes, she said.  She’d got a real “bargain” apparently. They were reduced to $100 she told me.  My eyebrow nearly popped through my hairline, but I said nothing.

I pay $2-$5 for a pair of soccer boots – the same Nike brand as her son’s.  They do exactly the same job.  I usually buy a couple of pairs in the same size so my son can choose between them.  The source? School fairs or garage sales. What’s more, I’m fussy. I only buy boots that are showing no wear.

One day my boy will demand new ones. But until then, I’m not spending any money unless I have to. He’s chuffed with the boots he gets.

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“More on soccer boots”

  1. On August 13th, 2010 at 8:40 am Carol Says:

    Well done on getting cheap boots. Our soccer captain actually asks parents to pass on the boots unwanted at end of season so new players starting following season can get free (used) boots. Half the kids have grown out of boots by beginning of season following year so these boots would be thrown out. It’s worthwhile as sometimes the new players don’t stick the season out, eg finding that soccer is not quite their game. But in no way would I pay over a hundred bucks for soccer either. (Only boots that are in good condition are kept obviously).

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