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Bargain Betty has been a bit slack at posting lately.  Sorry!

But I’ve been thinking about online shopping, since I was introduced to by my friends David and Simon.  I’ve just ordered a number of items including a new battery and charger for my Nikon Coolpix camera, and an ultrafire torch as the old technology one I have is hopeless when we’re camping.

Some of my favourite international retailers include Eddie Bauer and I love the La Redoute website for French fashion and for its remarkably reasonable shipping costs. The great thing about buying from northern hemisphere clothes retailers is that our seasons are different and we can take advantage of their end-of-season sales.

But it’s not just clothing you can buy. Virtually anything small and light could be shipped to New Zealand. For example Fusion Beads, an American bead shop, ships here — if you’re into that sort of thing. And just check out the range of doggie clothes at Little Pampered Pets. As well as individual retailers, it’s possible to buy all manner of stuff via eBay.

My latest

Here are some other shops that ship to New Zealand:

Shops that ship to New Zealand

The thing about blogs is that they should be interactive, so please post and list your own favourite overseas retailers who ship to New Zealand.


Christmas giving


I’m working on a series of articles for MSN Money about Christmas gift giving.  I founda wonderulf gift-giving pact on

This Christmas, I’m asking you to agree to a
No Unnecessary Present Pact

This year, let’s not send each other gifts that might end up unused, and agree to protect our pockets instead. Your friendship means a lot to me, and a card would be just as welcome as a costly pressie.

I’ve sent you this as part of the No Unnecessary Presents Pact (NUPP) campaign, designed to fight back against Christmas commercial pressures.

If you agree, let me know…

Find out more or send your own free NUPP email at
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Christmas spending


I have quite strong views about Christmas Spending, but I appreciate that there are other money personalities out there and I’m not necessarily right and other wrong.  I’m intriged as to what others feel on the subject of presents:

1. Why do you give? Do you give to get something in return, do you give becuase it boosts you psychologically, or some other reason.

2. Do you think families should set spending limits on Christmas spending?

3. Do you like receiving money or vouchers?

4. Would you prefer money or vouchers to a present?

5. Does an expensive present mean more to you than a cheap one? (Be honest here)

6. How do you feel when you get something you don’t want?

7.  Any other thoughts about Christmas spending?