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My alter ego, Bargain Betty, had to eat her words this Labour Weekend. That’s because I’m a great cynic when it comes to Labour Day, Boxing Day or Easter sales. The general public are primed to believe that they’re going to get the bargain of the century.  More

Dress Smart


I’m a bit of a cynic when it comes to factory outlets. Often it’s cheaper to wait for sales at the high street stores from the same brand. A great example of this is buying red-dot bras from Farmers, which is often cheaper than the Bendon outlet (although there are exceptions to this rule). I went to DressSmart last weekend for my annual t-shirt buying exercise.  Plenty of the shops had enormous sales on.  For example, JK had 30% off its already reduced prices, and I got boys’ pyjamas for less than $10 a pair. What a bargain.   Puma (where I didn’t buy anything) was overrun with people – as it had 50% off existing prices. You do have to be careful. One of the surf shops had a big sign up that said 60% off, and then in little letters RRP, whereas the other shops had huge discounts off the discounted prices.

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