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I was just perusing Relationship Services’ website for an article and chanced upon this article about romance on a shoestring.

It reminded me of my own sneaky tips for cheap dates, which include:

Stargazing. Take a rug to sit on, blanket to cuddle up on if you’re lucky and a map of constellations. Apparently New Zealand is world-renowned as a great stargazing location.

Bike riding. Meet up at a popular biking route such as Tamaki Drive in Auckland or Oriental Parade in Wellington and cycle leisurely for an hour or two. Make sure to stop for a coffee or other refreshment so you can talk. You can also hire bikes at other destinations if you want to start your ride further afield.

Meet for an evening of card or board games. There are plenty of two-player games. Depending on your date, a bottle of wine and an evening of SingStar could be just the thing. Likewise a jigsaw puzzle can be fun with the right person.

Do a walking tour of your area or a nearby one. Every city’s tourist information office will have a self-guided walk brochure.

Try a new sport or activity together. It could be anything from a trendy sport such as futsal or something more mainstream such as a golf or a snowboard lesson. You could even learn poi together.

Cook a dinner together. Invite them to cook a meal with you. If you’re not at the stage of going to each other’s houses, use one of the many public barbecues that are springing up in parks everywhere.

Wine tastings. Check out your local wine shops for free or cheap tastings. In many parts of New Zealand you can also go to wineries. Volunteer to do something together. It could be a one-off such as a tree planting day.

Visit an art gallery or exhibition. This gives you lots of time to talk and to be relaxed together. But make sure you test the water with your date first. For example, I truly hate opera and wouldn’t go on a second date with a guy who took me for a surprise night at that form of entertainment. Find out what’s on in your area.

Join a pub quiz. It’s great fun and a nice way to get to know the guy or girl you’re out with. The downfall is that it’s a group activity.

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